Man arrested for secretly strapping 1,100 bees to his body to smuggle in country

A Georgian man secured 110 boxes containing 1,100 bees to his body in an attempt to smuggle the insects into Turkey.

The man, referred to by the Turkish Ministry of Trade as TB, was detained on the October 22 at the Sarp border.

Local media outlet, the Turkish Daily Sabah reported that the man caused alarm whilst passing through security.

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Although he had the proper paperwork to cross the border, customs authorities were alerted by his "suspicious movements".

The suspect was then ordered to lift up his jumper, unveiling 110 boxes of the insects taped to his body. Each compartment contained a queen bee and nine worker bees. The failed attempt at smuggling led to his detainment.

Further details from the Hopa office of Turkey’s Chief Public Prosecutor described the unidentified man as a Georgian citizen ‘around 45-55 years old’ when confirming the seizure to OC Media.

There is currently no further reports on his arrest or his identity.

"During the process, the relevant department came and dealt with the bees", a spokesperson for the Hopa Prosecutor told OC Media.

"At the moment, I don’t have any information about the bees. Maybe they released the bees, maybe they did something else, I can’t make any guesses."

The future of the bees remains undisclosed.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Ministry allegedly claimed to have also seized more than 104 kilograms of precious chestnut honey, hidden in the fuel tank of a vehicle.

Since 2015, a number of arrests at the Sarp border have been made for smuggling charges involving nuclear materials, rare gemstones, and 239 wristwatches.


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