Man caught having sex with traffic cone in a lift jailed for another lewd act

A bloke who narrowly avoided a jail sentence in 2019 after he was caught “having sex” with a traffic cone has today been jailed for indecent exposure.

In the September 2019 offence Smith, from St Helens, Merseyside, was discovered by a member of Virgin Trains staff sitting on the floor of a train station lift with his pants down, "thrusting his hips" with a cone turned upside down on his lap.

A witness told the court "I believe he was trying to have sex with the cone,” adding that Smith was “clearly” under the influence of drugs.

After being arrested, Smith told officers that his trousers had simply “fallen down”.

The cone-botherer walked free from Bolton Crown Court on that occasion after a judge handed him a suspended sentence.

But today, Smith, 50, was handed a 10-month sentence at Liverpool Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, reports Leigh Journal.

The court heard how Smith had seen by a neighbour standing at the window of his St Helens flat with his boxers around his ankles performing what was described as “a lewd act”.

The court heard that a group of teenagers had been standing outside on the street at the time.

Prosecuting, Chris Hopkins, described how an eyewitness: “described he had one hand on his window ledge and was hanging over the window looking towards the group.

"She noticed that he stepped back down from the window ledge and he was fully naked with a pair of boxer shorts pulled down to his knees."

The court was told that the neighbour was “horrified and felt physically sick" – especially as there was a group of kids walking past and Smith was looking out towards them.

Mr Hopkins said she called the police and that by the time officers arrived at Smith’s flat the suspect was wearing a towel. According to the arrest report he was out of breath and sweating.

A sizeable quantity of cannabis was also found at the suspect’s address.

Jailing Smith for a total of 10 months, judge Stuart Driver said Smith’s previous record and the fact he had “focused on a group of teenagers” had been “aggravating features” in the offence.

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