Man cuts off toxic parents who took secret sample off baby to carry out DNA test

Maintaining a relationship with a spouse's parents can at times be difficult, especially with protective parents who, despite being a little overbearing, may ultimately just want the best for their child.

For one couple however, this turned into a nightmare after they made the shocking discovery that the husband's parents trusted his wife of two years so little that they had performed a secret DNA test on the couple's child to make sure that it was actually his.

After unmasking the awful betrayal of trust, the man has taken drastic steps and cut his parents out of his life.

The man first met his wife Sonya while she was working as a waitress, which his parents took an immediate disapproval, believing that she was "using him".

Being traditionally minded, the man asked for his parents' blessing when the happy couple decided to get married, unfortunately that blessing was not forthcoming.

“Because of this, we decided to elope and only invited my brother and Sonya’s best friends to be our witnesses”, wrote the man in Reddit post.

Two years later the couple welcomed their first child Garreth into the world, and were happy when his parent's used this as an opportunity to reach out and reconnect.

“My kindhearted wife didn’t think twice to welcome my parents into our lives,” posed the husband and father, “She let them meet our baby two days after being discharged from the hospital.”

The arrival of baby Garreth seemed to be healing the relationship in the family.

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But things took a turn for the worse when the new dad over heard his mum saying to Garreth “Aren’t you the cutest baby ever? I am so glad to confirm you are indeed my grandson.”

The odd phrase alarmed the dad, who confronted his mum about what she meant.

Eventually after being pressed about it she confessed to the shocking revelation that she and her husband had performed a DNA test on Garreth to confirm that he was in fact their grandson.

“I was speechless for a moment, and before I blew up from anger,” he posted.

“I told dad to give me my son and they better leave before I lose whatever respect I had left for them.

“My mom was very apologetic and said it’s because they don’t trust my wife and that our son looks nothing like me.”

It took two weeks for the man to tell his wife the awful truth about what had happened after his parents stopped visiting.

“She started crying and it broke my heart”, said the redditor.

The couple then decided together that his parents were no longer welcome in their lives or that of their son.

“When mom called to ask when they can visit again, I told them they are no longer welcome in our son’s life. Mom called my dad and I told him the same thing”, he said.

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“He was livid, he called me ungrateful and cruel."

Despite this, the encounter seemed only to reinforce to the redditor that he had made the right choice.

“He also said a few choice words about my wife which angered me more," he posted, "I didn’t even hear the rest because I just hung up.”

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