Man defending Chinas government brutally attacks elderly protester

Hong Kong: Elderly woman attacked protesting Chinese regime

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A man was arrested on Monday evening after savagely attacking Alexandra Wong in Central Hong Kong. Ms Wong, who is often affectionately referred to as Grandma Wong, was shoved to the ground during a demonstration in solidarity with Chinese protests against Xi Jinping’s fierce zero-Covid policy. Dozens of people had gathered on Theatre Lane during the evening rush hour in support of the anti-government protests that have swept across China.

In a video of the incident which emerged on social media, the 22 year old man is filmed as he storms up to Ms Wong and snatches her bright yellow umbrella before pushing her to the floor.

Ms Wong, who is 66 years old, appeared to stumble before collapsing on the pavement, smashing her head on a nearby concrete ledge as she fell.

Surrounding witnesses rushed to intervene as the man attempted to flee the scene, but he was swiftly detained by nearby police officers.

Following the assault, Ms Wong was seen lying on the ground clutching her hip as a fellow protester came to her aid. 

Ms Wong is frequently pictured carrying a large yellow umbrella during protests after the object emerged as a political symbol during the Hong Kong democracy protests of 2014.

Umbrellas carried by protesters can be used as a tool for passive resistance when police deploy pepper spray to disperse demonstrations.

Similarly, the blank piece of paper displayed by the protester who hurried to assist Ms Wong has become a common item used by protesters to shame restrictions on free speech.

Activist groups have suggested the blank paper has come to symbolise government crackdowns on dissenting voices.

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The Hong Kong Free Press reported Ms Wong was taken to Queen Mary Hospital following the incident.

The same network reported that local police suggested the man involved in the attack could face a charge of criminal damage in addition to assault.

Protests in Hong Kong have become exceedingly rare after the government passed a national security law in 2020 which prompted a fierce crackdown on demonstrations.

Police officers at the scene on Theatre Lane took down the details of protesters and warned some activists that the gathering violated a Covid policy which prohibits group meetings of 12 or more people.

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The unrest in China has gained global traction with protests in solidarity with Chinese activists recorded in cities around the world, including London.

Over the weekend, the demonstrations within China escalated as protesters clashed with police in Beijing and Shanghai, among other cities.

The frustration over Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy has marked an unprecedented challenge to his authority as anti-government protests within China are incredibly uncommon.

Opposition to the harsh lockdown policy has been fuelled by a fire in a high-rise building on Thursday night that killed ten people and injured nine others. Some protesters have speculated that rescue efforts were impeded by the Covid restrictions in Xinjiang, which has been under lockdown for over 100 days.

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