Man dies instantly after model aeroplane crashes into him at birthday party

A man has died after being struck by a model aeroplane in Lliria, a town in the Spanish province of Valencia. The victim, 64-year-old Jose Antonio Lloret Juan, was walking across the model plane runway when an aircraft, controlled by a fellow licensed pilot, hit him on the head.

The impact with the model aeroplane was “instantly” fatal for the man, medical sources reported by the Olive Press said.

The incident happened on Thursday (June 1) at 8am BST (9am local time) at the Ala RC Club, a group for model aircraft enthusiasts of which the victim was a member.

Paramedics and members of the law enforcement from the Guardia Civil rushed to the scene following the impact.

However, emergency services confirmed the man died on impact.

The Guardia Civil has since launched a formal inquiry into the incident.

Mr Lloret Juan was at the club as it was hosting a special gathering celebrating the birthday of one of its members.

The victim had retired just a few days prior to his death, according to a report by Euro Weekly News.

Model aircraft are small unmanned planes, often replicas of existing aeroplanes.

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They can normally fly in three different ways – uncontrolled, such as gliders, through a control wire or commanded by a transmitter.

Model aircraft can reach speeds of between 80 and 200 kilometres per hour depending on the type of plane.

Top-tier model jets can get faster than 320 kilometres per hour.

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