Man gets insurance payout after centipede bites his testicles while he sleeps

A man who decided to strip off and have a nap on his floor after a hard day’s cleaning woke up to find a monster centipede had latched onto his testicles.

The unfortunate man from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was named in local press reports as Ye.

He explained to reporters that he was woken by the sharp pain in his groin and quickly realised that the arthropod had sunk its mandibles into his scrotum.

He said: “I was shocked and I initially wanted to slam a book down onto the centipede but quickly realised why I should not do it,” China Press reports.

Trying to pull the centipede off only made the pain worse, so in desperation Ye crushed the creature in his fist, and which point it finally released its grip.

Even so, Ye’s intimate area was somewhat wounded and he took himself to casualty and his damaged scrotum was patched up by medics.

Up until that point it was all fairly standard , but it was then that something very unusual happened. Ye contacted his insurers and was told that he was entitled to a payout.

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A representative from Ye’s insurers explained that a centipede bite was a highly unusual event, an in fact in her ten years with the company she hadn’t heard of a similar occurrence.

As a result, she added, Ye’s mishap qualified as an accident and that made him entitled to a payout for loss of earnings while he recovered.

Luckily British centipedes tend to be built on a smaller scale, but that’s no reason to be complacent

Earlier this year, a lad from Cambridgeshire was bitten on the bum by a potentially deadly false widow spider that had been sleeping in his swimming trunks.

Eight-year-old Bear Styles said that a reaction from the spider’s venom left him delirious and “hallucinating Disney characters”.

In an extraordinary coincidence almost exactly the same thing had happened to his mum, Dawn, fifteen years before.

It’s not reported what, if anything, Dawn hallucinated after being bitten.

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