Man ‘kills parents and sisters in staged robbery to claim family inheritance’

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A man has allegedly killed his parents and sisters in a staged robbery to become the sole heir to the family inheritance.

Mexican detectives have linked a man locally named as Ismael N with the massacre on September 28.

His wealthy parents and sisters aged 19 to 24 were all killed during the attack in Mazatecochco, Tlaxcala.

He was left as the sole heir and has been arrested by the public prosecutor’s Criminal Homicide Investigation Unit.

The detectives say they have statements and CCTV footage showing the suspect's role.

Ismael N allegedly cut off electricity at the property, shutting down the cameras.

Investigators say that the suspect was the only one that knew when all the family would be together and how to circumvent security measures.

They also claim that only he knew where stashes of cash and jewellery all stolen from the property where hidden.

Local newspaper CodigoTlaxcala reported that the prosecutor's office believes the suspect, identified as Ismael N., organised the incident to acquire all the family’s inheritance for himself.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor's office said that he even “offered cash to officers for them not to continue their investigation”.

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The newspaper Infobae said that the suspect believed he could kill his family in the robbery without arousing suspicion.

The victims have been identified as Heriberto, 57, Filiberta, 53, Ana Laura, 24, and Adriana, 19. Adriana was a fashion design student at the Universidad Madero Puebla campus.

The family had successfully run their textile company for over 30 years.The investigation is ongoing.

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