Man loads fire crew into dinghy to save his burning yacht in Panmure marina

An Auckland yachtie desperately trying to save his pride and joy jumped in his dinghy and started ferrying firefighters towards his burning yacht.

The man’s yacht caught fire just after midday yesterday, when he accidentally cut the wrong wire and the 12m vessel to burst into flames almost instantly.

After unsuccessful attempts to put the fire out himself, he hopped in his dinghy and began transporting the Panmure firefighters standing on the shore to the burning boat, which was moored at the Panmure Yacht and Boating Club on the Tamaki River, a Coastguard statement said.

As they made the journey towards the vessel, which was in engulfed in flames, the man and the fire crew were intercepted by Coastguard Maraetai, who took them the remainder of the journey.

The Panmure firefighters were soon joined by police onboard their boat the Deodar with extra fire crews. Coastguard Auckland also responded to the distress call.

The fire was extinguishedusing the Coastguard vessels’ on-board water pumps and the yacht escaped with very little structural damage.

“All involved were accounted for and the vessel didn’t have too much structural damage and remains on its mooring. Fantastic mahi everyone,” the statement said.

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