Man who wants to be first gypsy billionaire has £6m house and own helicopter

A man bidding to become the UK's first gypsy billionaire has showed off his plush mansion and fleet of expensive cars.

Alfie Best, 51, lives in a £6million mansion in leafy Surrey where his neighbours include an Arab sheikh and Queen rock star Brian May.

Parked up in front of the house are his £1.6 million Bugatti Veyron, a £275,000 Ferrari F8 Spider S-A, and a convertible Roller worth a quarter of a million.

In the back garden is a helipad where the £3.75 million Airbus Aston Martin helicopter he has on order will soon be landing.

Incredibly Mr Best, actually survived a helicopter crash while he was learning the ropes in 2018, walking away with just a cut to his head and the horror incident hasn't put him off flying.

He recalls: “I bought a helicopter because I had two crashes where I fell asleep at the wheel of the car and hit the centre reservation. I was learning to fly at the time and the crash it was pilot error on my part.

"We had rotary failure and we came down very, very fast from 1,000 feet, hit on one side of the skid and then did like a vertical roll over. I was fine and managed to pull the pilot out.

“He was in intensive care for a week but despite the crash I still believe helicopters are one of the safest modes of transport, and having one allows me to do so much more work getting up and down the country.

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“My aim is to be the world’s first gypsy billionaire. I always study the Rich List because it inspires me.”

Mr Best also owns a £5.4 million eight-bedroom villa in ­Barbados three doors from Sir Cliff Richard’s holiday home, The Sun reports, and the multi-millionaire is set to appear on ITV's Undercover Big Boss on Wednesday night.

The show is a revised version of Channel 4's Undercover boss, which first launched in the UK in 2009 and followed a number of bosses who decided to go undercover at their own companies.

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They would then pose in disguise as a trainee employee so they could discover potential faults in the workplace.

Mr Best will go undercover at his Wyldecrest Parks holiday camps as tattooed drainage engineer William Finney, with viewers able to watch him on three of his firm’s mobile home parks — in Lancashire, Cumbria and Northumberland.

The company is Europe’s largest holiday and residential park company, and plan is to become world No1.

Today the company has 16,000 residents on 91 sites in the UK, Europe and the US and employs 380 people – with Alfie now worth £560million.

He said: “I was born lucky. I’ll tell you something about being lucky, take this to the bank — being lucky is about mindset.

“If you keep thinking on a negative point you will surround yourself with negatives.”

Undercover Big Boss is on ITV on Wednesday, August 4 at 9pm

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