Mange-ridden coyote wandering Arvada raises health warning.

A mange-ridden coyote has been spotted in Arvada, and city officials are warning the public to take caution and give the animal a wide berth.

Arvada Animal Management has received multiple calls about the coyote in the past few weeks and officials have named the animal “Marcus,” said Dave Snelling, a police spokesman.

Marcus has been spotted during the day, in areas around West 58th Avenue and Kipling Parkway. People who spot the coyote are urged to avoid it. Area residents walking dogs should have their pets leashed.

“You don’t want to bring this home,” Snelling said of mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. Pets and humans can come down with mange, which causes intense, itchy skin patches. Symptoms include hair loss and a darkening of the skin.

People who see coyotes are urged to “haze” the wildlife, yell to scare it off, so the animals retreat to a more safe and secluded area.

Arvada residents who spot coyotes, or other wildlife, that appear to be sick or injured are asked to call 303-980-7300 to report the sighting.


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