Manitoba police watchdog investigates use of ‘less lethal’ weapon during abduction investigation

Manitoba’s police watchdog is investigating after two men were subdued by a “less lethal” weapon during a brawl involving RCMP officers.

Mounties report the incident began Monday morning when they received a complaint of parental child abduction in the RM of Hanover.

The investigation led officers from the Steinbach detachment to a home in Roseau River.

Police say while attempting to recover the children, three officers were allegedly attacked by eight people when they arrived.

During the melee, Mounties used the “less lethal” firearm on two male suspects, which resulted in minor injuries.

According to police, the violence descended into a standoff after six of the suspects retreated inside the house, and officers called in backup.

Several hours later, the RCMP’s Emergency Response Team entered the home and arrested the remaining individuals.

Because any injury resulting from a firearm is considered serious, the Independent Investigation Unit is mandated to investigate.

Anyone with information or video footage that could assist with the investigation are encouraged to contact the IIU at 1-844-667-6060.

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