Man’s tongue amputated by doctors to save his life after being bitten by snake

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    A bloke who was plagued by dreams of being bitten by a snake went to an astrologer for advice on how to get rid of them – and ended up being bitten by a snake as a result.

    The 54-year-old man from Gobichettipalayam, in the southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu, had to have this tongue amputated after being bitten by the venomous reptile.

    Dr S Senthil Kumaran, chief physician of Erode Manian Medical Centre, said the patent’s tongue had been severely damaged by the snake venom

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    He told Postsen that the patient was admitted to the hospital on November 18 with severe bleeding from the mouth.

    The tissues of the victim’s tongue were affected due to snake venom, Dr Kumaran said: “In such a situation, to save the patient, part of his his tongue had to be amputated.

    “Even after amputating his tongue, we had to struggle for four days to save his life”.

    The man had been bitten by the snake as a result of taking advice from an astrologer. The mystic had told him that the only way to rid his subconscious of the constant dreams about being bitten by a snake was to “worship” a snake.

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    He had gone to a temple dedicated to a snake, and bowed down near the reptile’s lair, sticking out his tongue as part of a Hindu “puja”, or act of devotion.

    The snake suddenly struck out and sunk its fangs into his tongue. The victim almost immediately passed out and was carried by relatives to a nearby medical facility.

    Dr. Kumaran told The Hindu newspaper that the man had to undergo extensive surgery on his tongue and that there was an urgent need to educate rural communities about such superstitious beliefs.

    “He almost lost his life and people should exercise caution against undertaking such risky practice of worship,” he said.

    The astrologer later described his advice to worship the snake as having been “tongue in cheek”.


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