Married at First Sight UK experts predict which couple will stay together

Married at First Sight UK is certainly filling the drama void left after Love Island's end last month.

The E4 show, which centres around eight couples who tie the knot having never met each other before, has been a huge hit since launching at the beginning of the month, airing every Monday – Thursday at 9pm.

The show features an abundance of action and excitement like drama-filled dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

According to Google search data, the current season is the UK’s most popular, with interest up by a staggering 566% from the previous season.

With so many interesting twists happening every single episode, fans are beginning to wonder, which couples are likely to stick together and stay married, and which ones are likely to fall apart?

Fortunately, a study by Kasumo has determined just that. Using data like the number of arguments, their happiness at the wedding, and compatibility doubts, they have ranked which couples on the basis of how likely they are to stay wed, the Mirror reports.

The figures show that Tayah & Adam and Marilsye & Franky are most likely to wed and bag the joint first place.

=1: Tayah & Adam

=1: Marilyse & Franky

3: Dan & Matt

4: Morag & Luke

5: Megan & Bob

6: Amy & Josh

The study found that zero arguments and positive conversations are what led Tayah & Adam and Marilyse & Franky to bag joint first place.

With Tayah & Adam already dropping the L bomb, it’s no wonder that they’re the favourites to stay together, but only time will tell.

There will be 21 episodes, four times a week, and it will conclude on Monday, October 4, so there’s plenty that could change within that time.

Do you agree with this study, or do you have other winners in mind?

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