Married sex scandal cop brands colleagues predators as court date set

Maegan Hall, the former police officer at the centre of a sex scandal involving three of her colleagues, has been told the date of her trial.

Hall has filed a legal complaint against the City of La Vergne over the “predatory” behaviour of former officers Sgt. Lewis Powell, Sgt. Ty McGowan, and Chief Burrel ‘Chip’ Davis.

She alleges that the three shared explicit photos and videos of her, and sexually harassed her while she was working alongside them in the police department in La Vergne, Tennessee.

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Hall claims that she had been “groomed for sexual exploitation”. She claims she regularly experienced harassment in the workplace which was “permeated with sexual innuendo and sexually explicit behaviour".

Hall claims senior officers were "predators" who used their positions to groom her and then performed sexual acts without her consent.

"Maegan Hall felt trapped in the role assigned to her at the City of La Vergne Police Department and, in an attempt to escape, she nearly killed herself," court papers say.

"Then, the City blamed her for everything. This lawsuit seeks justice for Maegan Hall.”

The case of Maegan Hall versus the City of La Vergne is set for a jury trial on March 18, 2025.

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Civil rights attorney Wesley Clark told reporters: ”Maegan wasn't looked at as a rookie cop to be trained and promoted. She was looked at like a piece of meat to be sexualised and exploited”.

In a graphic 61-page confession, Hall alleges the internal inquiry was sparked after a number of the police officers she was having affairs with had started to become jealous of each .

Five of Hall’s former colleagues have now admitted to engaging in sexual acts with her, often on police premises and while officially on duty.

She had been fired from the department in January of this year alongside a number of other officers involved in the sex scandal including police officer Juan Lugo-Perez and detective Seneca Shields.

Three other officers; Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holladay and Gavin Schoeberl, have been suspended as a result of the investigation.


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