Mayor promises Christmas tree will be taken back down after shoppers outrage

A local mayor has suggested a giant Christmas tree put up three months early would be taken down after shoppers were left baffled.

The 30ft tree was put up in Hackney Central, east London, complete with tinsel and giant baubles and even a star at the very top.

Residents even reported seeing Christmas stalls surrounding the tree and were outraged that the festive decor had gone up as Autumn was only just beginning.

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One wrote on Twitter: "Quick question…is 3 months too early for putting up a Christmas tree in hackney central? I think so! Why??"

Another said: "I regret to inform you that they have a DECORATED CHRISTMAS TREE on Mare St. in Hackney. It’s September."

But Hackney's mayor, Philip Glanville, had a simple explanation for the unfashionably early festive decorations.

In response to one Twitter user, he said: "[The tree was put up for] A Christmas Ad shoot for a well-known business," suggesting that the tree wasn't there to stay.

"Phewww thanks !" the concerned shopper responded.

And the tree isn't the only bit of Christmas cheer that has outraged Brits in recent weeks.

The famous Oxford Street lights that adorn the central London shopping destination each year are already being put up and supermarkets including Morrisons started stocking festive treats like mince pies and Christmas puddings as early as August.

And retail giant Tesco is set to launch a Christmas toy sale on Monday (October 3) – nearly four weeks before Halloween.

But despite what disgruntled critics may say, getting in the festive spirit early can actually be good for us, Unilad reported.

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Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown said: "Although there could be a number of symptomatic reasons why someone would want to obsessively put up decorations early, most commonly for nostalgic reasons either to relive the magic or to compensate for past neglect.

"In a world full of stress and anxiety people like to associate with things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of childhood.

"Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extends the excitement!"


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