McDonalds-loving woman disgusted to find metal nose ring in quarter pounder

A McDonald's customer has been left feeling horrifically sick after she claims to have found an unexpected topping on her burger in the form of a body piercing.

The anonymous woman had gone into her local branch of the fast food chain in Riverside, United States, because she fancied a Quarter Pounder meal.

But to her shock, she claims the burger contained something very unusual.

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She explained: “We were just eating and there was so much mayo and lettuce, so I took my fry to go wipe the side of it off, and I heard this plop in the box.

“It was a nose ring.

“My stomach turned for like two days.

“This is someone’s nose piercing that was physically in their body.”

She was there with her boyfriend and two-year-old niece.

Having taken photos of the burger with the ring in it, and spoken to WHIOTV7 News about the grim finding, she reported her claims to McDonald's both in-branch and nationally via the app – she heard nothing for several days.

The woman has not been offered an apology or refund for the meal, which she took out from the branch to eat at home.

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She said: “All I want is acknowledgment because I feel like I was ignored.”

Having had no response, she enlisted the help of her local health and safety officials.

Public Health official Dan Suffoletto said: “The procedure is that you should discard all the food if you notice you're missing something like that (a nose ring).”

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He visited the branch the first business day after the ring was found, and claims that staff were unable to confirm or deny whether or not someone on the team had lost a nose ring.

McDonald's has not yet responded to the incident, and local media outlets are reporting that the owner of the franchise is proving “difficult” to track down.

The Daily Star has reached out to McDonald's for a comment.

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