Meet the couple whose ‘promposal’ at the Minnesota boys hockey state tournament went viral The Denver Post

Not long after Luverne secured its third ever trip to the boys hockey state tournament, senior Brady Bork started racking his brain for ideas. He’s been watching the state tournament since he was as kid, so naturally, he understands the importance of the player introductions.

Most players use the moment as a chance to say hi to Mom and Dad, while others use it as a chance to audition for a All-Hockey Hair Team.

As for Bork, well, he had something else up his sleeve. He taped up his hockey stick and wrote three words on blade. Then he waited for his moment.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now,” Bork said. “I figured I might as well do it.”

As soon he heard his his name, Bork skated to the blue line at Xcel Energy Center and revealed his message to his girlfriend: “Hey Sarah, Prom?” Here’s a TikTok video:

The best promposal of all time? 😳 #hockey #minnesota #prom #thetourney #highschoolhockey

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