Meet the real life Krampus who spreads his tales of terror all year round

A Krampus superfan is spreading the legend of Krampus all year round as he cosplays as the demonic character at events throughout the year.

Tim Eagling, from Rayleigh, Essex, is a passionate Krampus fan and spends most of his time dressing up as the character to spread the message of his tales so children ensure they stay good or they expect a visit from the real one.

Krampus is an increasingly popular figure thanks to films bringing the character to life from Alpine folklore.

According to legend, Krampus would scare children who were on the naughty list on December 5 with some folklore suggesting he would steal, beat, eat or drown ‘evil’ children.

Tim’s love for the dark character of Christmas came after watching films of the character before first dressing up over six or seven years ago.

“Getting coal for Christmas is a censored version of what naughty children would get,” Tim told the Daily Star about the legend of Krampus.

“In the harder life in the Black Forest, Krampus would come and beat you with sticks.”

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His love for the character has even become a family affair with his wife, Heidi, becoming his evil elf.

Tim, a former teacher, does not just leave his Krampus cosplaying for Christmas but people can see him at conventions all over the UK and even heavy metal music festival Bloodstock.

His costumes, although he admits are a bit warm in summer, are all created by his talented wife.

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It is thanks to his wife’s hard work that he is allowed to spread the word of Krampus with dozens approaching him at events, even leading him to win a costume contest.

The 50-year-old said: “Krampus is growing in popularity but there are still some people who don’t know much about him.

“Many know it from the horror films that are now on streaming services but I do enjoy talking to people about Krampus and the real dark side of Christmas.”

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Many Krampus fans come together at Whitby for the annual Krampus run but surprisingly Tim has never had chance to go because of his other job at Christmas time.

Although he is a fan of Krampus, he actually works weekends during the holiday season as Father Christmas.

Tim may be the 'Jekyll and Hyde' of Christmas as he frightens kids one minute and provides them with warm smiles and gifts the next.

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Speaking about his roles as both Krampus and Santa, he said: “I am a big hairy bearded bloke so I go with what works for me.”

His Krampus journey has also allowed him to raise money for charity with the creation of Krampus Christmas Cards.

Every year Tim and his wife create Krampus cards with proceeds from the sale going to Myeloma UK after both his mum and father-in-law passed away from cancer.

If you are interested in the Krampus Kard Kampaign, please message Tim through the Krampus UK Facebook page or through JustGiving.

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