Meghan channeling Princess Margaret but Kates more conservative, says expert

Princess Margaret’s style is being channeled by Meghan Markle rather than by Kate Middleton, a stylist has claimed.

Queen Elizabeth’s sister died on this day (February 9) 20 years ago, but her glamorous looks are still admired by many after two decades.

Julie Dickson, a stylist at Cotton Traders, described Princess Margaret's style as "perfection", writes The Express.

She said: "There was always a fabulous sense of fun to Princess Margaret’s style, with a real focus on knock-out accessories.

"Whether it was a statement handbag, eye-catching hat, silk scarf, string of pearls or a fabulous pair of heels.

"Every time she left the palace, she presented the public with a head-to-toe look that was accessorised to perfection."

Julie explained the glamourous style Princess Margaret achieved with her fashion choices was something her sister Queen Elizabeth wasn't able to do.

She said: "Margaret was born in the era where women were expected to follow a conservative clothing style and always dressed up regardless of the occasion!

"Despite this, she often pushed against the societal norms by experimenting with slightly sexier and figure-hugging outfits. That is something her older sister was unable to do."

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Julie revealed Princess Margaret's "fabulous" style shares similarities with other royals.

She explained: "If I had to choose, I’d say Meghan, however, I feel Margaret’s sense of style was much more fun than both women.

"Kate is relatively conservative in her outfit choices. Whereas Meghan is a fan of casual style and looks great in simple jeans and a white shirt although she has been known to embrace a pop of colour for special occasions.

"In contrast to both, Margaret was more of a rebel and was never afraid to make a statement through her clothes."

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