Meghan didnt know Diana had to work like a dog before being an icon – expert

A royal author believes that Meghan Markle wasn't aware that Princess Diana had to "work like a dog" before she became a "global superstar".

Tina Brown compared Meghan's work ethic to the "great deal of very humdrum assignments" that Diana had to do for the firm ahead of her becoming an icon.

The former Vanity Fair editor claims the Duchess "didn't understand her role" when she joined the Royal Family and said that she had hoped to follow in the same path as Harry's mother, reports Daily Mail.

She discussed the Australian tour on ITV's Lorraine and said: "She didn't like it at all.

"She found the whole representational job of suppressing your own views and representing the monarchy, for her [it] was just anathema.

"It's not how she viewed her role, the world, she did not understand the point of it and for her, yes she was a great success, but it was not something she wanted to do.

"She saw the palaces and Diana as this global humanitarian super star, but forgot that for 16 or 17 years Diana worked like a dog within the Royal Family doing a great deal of very humdrum assignments.

"It was her charisma she brought to the job that made her so extraordinarily special."

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While Meghan and Harry decided to step away from their duties for a quieter life in the US, Diana left the firm because of her relationship breakdown with Prince Charles, the author added.

"She didn't leave the Royal Family because she said 'i'm out', she got divorced," said Ms Brown. "Her husband wasn't in love with her, that was the agony for her.

"After she was out of the Royal Family she became much more global, not only because she wanted to be, but because she couldn't really be anything but that because she was part of the royal machine."

The Sussexes have been contacted for comment.

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