Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘flee Canada for new home due to coronavirus’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have fled their home in Canada over fears about coronavirus.

The royal couple reportedly took a private jet to Los Angeles before borders shut because of the growing threat of the virus, leaving their £11.4 million Canadian bolthole on Vancouver Island behind – for good.

They will start a new life with their baby son Archie in Hollywood.

"Harry and Meghan have left Canada now for good," a source told The Sun.

"The borders were closing and flights were stopping. They had to get out.

"But this move was planned for some time. They realised Canada would not work out for various reasons and they want to be based in the Los Angeles area.

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"They have a big support network there. It's where their new team of Hollywood agents and PRs and business managers are based. Meghan has lots of friends there and, of course, her mum Doria."

The source claims the couple's dramatic move has "stunned and horrified" other members of the Royal Family, who are said to have been under the impression Harry and Meghan would consider a return to Britain amid the pandemic.

Prince Charles, 71, is currently in self-isolation after testing positive for COVID-19.

The Queen and Prince Philip, aged 93 and 98 respectively, are also in self-isolation as their age puts them in the higher-risk category.

Live updates on COVID-19 cases near you

England: 4,792

  • London: 2,433
  • Midlands: 808
  • South East: 590
  • North West: 496
  • North East and Yorkshire: 446
  • East of England: 452
  • South West: 278

Scotland: 499

Wales: 418

Northern Ireland: 149

The Hollywood move comes as Disney announced today that Meghan would be narrating its new documentary Elephant, her first job since announcing she and Harry would be stepping down as senior royals.

The film will raise money for Elephants Without Borders, one of Meghan's favourite charities.

The Duchess will likely have more opportunities to work in the entertainment industry once the couple is settled in Los Angeles.

"Meghan knows the area very well and puts her close to her team of PRs, business advisers and Hollywood agents," a source told People magazine.

"This move has been coming for a while and it's felt they will predominantly be based in the States now where they have more freedom to work on their private deals."

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