Meghan Markles job title on Archies birth certificate leaves fans baffled

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Meghan Markle fans were once left confused by some of the information on her son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor's, birth certificate.

The official paperwork, which was issued to now 2-year-old Archie at birth, revealed information about where and when he was born, as well as telling facts about The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry.

All birth certificates are available to the general public, which meant that lucky fans not only got to see the special document, but also found out Meghan's real name.

They also discovered Meghan's official job title and the "secret" place where Archie was born.

Meghan's job description listed her as "Princess of the United Kingdom" at the time, which was confusing to royal fans as the Queen had given her the title of Duchess.

But royal protocol stated that Meghan was technically a princess.

Through her marriage to Prince Harry, she is Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales.

Fans were left confused when they saw Rachel listed on the document, unaware that this is her birth-given name.

Her parents Doria Ragland and estranged father Thomas Markle called her Meghan since birth and allegedly all of her friends call her Meghan too.

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In an odd coincidence, Rachel is the name of the character she played in the popular TV series Suits.

Prince Harry, Archie's dad, is listed as Henry on the certificate – his real name.

Meghan and Harry managed to keep the location of his birth secret to the public all the way up to the release of the certificate.

It was revealed to fans upon Archie's birth that he was born at the private Portland Hospital in Westminster.

The lavish hospital in London costs around £20,000 and features luxury options for mothers-to-be, including lobster and champagne meals.

At the time, fans didn't know if Meghan had either given birth in LA, or in the UK.

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