Meghan Markle’s lawyers blast ‘inaccurate’ bombshell book Finding Freedom

Meghan Markle's lawyers have blasted a controversial book about her and husband Prince Harry for being "inaccurate".

The Finding Freedom biography, which makes a series of claims surrounding Meghan and Harry's exit from the royal family, has even been deemed "dull" by lawyers.

Meghan's lawyers also say the Duchess could not have co-operated with its authors as it contains many inaccuracies regarding the couple's first date, among other stories.

The lawyers' comments are the first to surface from Meghan's team since the book was published this summer, sending shockwaves through the public.

Her team has described the biography as a "product of creative licence," reports The Sun.

As part of Meghan's privacy battle with the Mail on Sunday, the claims were questioned in a statement by her solicitor and Schillings partner Jenny Afia.

Mr Scobie and Ms Durand claim to have spoken to over 100 sources when writing the biography.

And details of the book could be included in the trial, according to The Telegraph.

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Mail On Sunday argue Meghan gave or allowed information to be given to be included in the book.

The Mail on Sunday argues: “The Claimant does not object to details of her own or other people’s personal relationships and correspondence being publicly disclosed, provided that such disclosure is couched in terms that are favourable and flattering to her.”

However, Meghan denies any input or co-operation with the writers, as do the authors.

Mr Scobie said: "Any suggestion that the duke and duchess collaborated on the book is false.”

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Lawyer Ms Afia said: “The vast majority of these are either extremely anodyne and/or I understand are the product of creative licence and/or are inaccurate.

“It is also debatable as to whether the examples paint the Claimant (Meghan) in a good light as claimed.”

Meghan's team also stated the Duchess had never been on a safari during her 2016 trip to Botswana, as mentioned in the book.

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