Melania Trump: Brutal online reaction to First Lady’s personalised coronavirus packages

The First Lady sent lunch packages to staff at the food chain store ‘Trader Joe’s’.The lunch boxes included Melania’s Be Best campaign logo.


Be Best is the First Lady’s campaign to promote the well-being of children.

Catherine Cypher, Director of Media Affairs for Melania Trump, posted images of the delivered lunches.

Ms Cypher posted: “Our nation stands unified in supporting those serving on the frontline of Covid-19.

“To show her gratitude, FLOTUS had boxed lunches delivered to staff at a local Trader Joes.”

However, this post sparked a backlash from social media users who have criticised Mrs Trump’s actions.

One social media user responded: “Flotus takes food to Trader Joe’s. That’s hilarious. Doesn’t Trader Joe’s sell FOOD? She needs to take fries to McDonalds next.”

Another user posted: “Please stop! This is absolutely ridiculous! Sending staff in suits to drop boxes off with your branding is CHEAP, TACKY and INSULTING!”

One user said: “Yer bless you for sending food to people that work in a profession in which they are surrounded by the very thing you are serving! Maybe sending food to healthcare workers or homeless individuals or even the children that are not eating school meals!”

While one user from New York questioned: “Was this sincere gratitude or a pathetic attempt at promoting a brand?”

Mrs Trump also reposted a White House picture on her Instagram which showed the boxes of food with her Be Best logos.

The caption read: “Be Best care packages are on their way to hospitals across the country!

“A small token of appreciation from FLOTUS for their hard work, compassion, and kindness during these difficult times.”

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This post was also met with some criticism as one user wrote: “What about the nurses and doctors who are in quarantine because they’re exposed?”

Mrs Trump sent care packages to medical staff and children in hospitals across the US on Thursday.

The First Lady sent packages to 10 states in America including New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

In a statement Mrs Trump said: “The medical community has gone above and beyond to protect the health of the American people.”

Last week the First Lady also used her Be Best campaign to encourage people to stay home.

In an Instagram post Mrs Trump said: “As many of you stay home to help combat Covid-19 and protect the vulnerable and those on the front lines of the pandemic, here are some family fun activities to enjoy in the safety of your home.”

The actives provided included Be Best and White House themed word searches, a puzzle and a White House History activity.

Last week Mrs Trump also posted on Instagram: “We salute essential workers in the health care industry who are fighting to save lives.

“We thank those who put themselves at risk to keep our grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations open… Our deepest gratitude and appreciation goes to each and every one of you.”

The US has the highest number of recorded coronavirus cases in the world with over 929,000.

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