Met Office snow forecast for Christmas – full guide as White Christmas odds on

Christmas forecast: Turning colder with chance of snow

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Every year many people often hope that their Christmas will feature the addition of snow to cap off that festive feel for their holidays. In the last month parts of the UK have seen snow thanks to storm’s Arwen and Barra but as we build up to Christmas itself where and when can we expect snow? Here, breaks down your full snow forecast for Christmas 2021.

Tonight and Thursday

High ground areas in Scotland can expect wintry conditions tonight as spells of rain run into colder air and turn to snow.

Here, snow could reach up to 5cm in depth for some places.

Otherwise most areas of the UK will experience downpours at times with temperatures also predicted to rise overnight as we head into Thursday morning.

Moving into Thursday snow is once again forecast for parts of higher ground in Scotland.

Speaking to, a Met Office spokesperson said: “For Thursday we’ve got some rain around mostly for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, with some pushing into south west England.

“This should push north eastwards across the country and that could bring some snow for northern Scotland over higher ground, but this will likely fall as rain for much of England and Wales.”

Christmas Eve

Fog will greet parts of England and Wales on Friday morning with further rain forecast to push north east over England.

Heavy downpours are also predicted for some areas of England as the rain moves across the country.

In addition, as this rain meets the colder air again over higher ground, in Scotland, it is likely to turn to snow.

At this point no other areas are forecast to have snow showers on Christmas Eve.

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Christmas Day

Moving into Christmas Day (Saturday) and there is still some uncertainty over whether snow could fall for parts of Northern England.

The Met Office spokesperson said: “Because of the high pressure that’s moved out of the way we have got air coming in from the south west.

“This means that we have got mild air coming in across England and Wales, and colder air still over northern Scotland.

“The lower co-ordinance comes from working out exactly where that boundary between the mild air and the cold air will be because that’s where you are most likely to see the rain that’s coming in from the south hitting the cold air where it might then fall as snow. There’s still a little bit of uncertainty about where that boundary will be.”

If that point does fall in northern England then there could be snow showers for areas such as the Pennines, on Christmas Day.

Higher ground in Scotland will see snow once more, rising up to as much 20cm in some areas.

Even the capital could see flurries, with Coral making it a 3/1 chance that snow falls in London this Christmas Day for the first time since 1999.

Coral spokesperson Harry Aitkenhead said: “We are expecting snow to fall this Christmas Day and give some parts of the UK the White Christmas they’re dreaming of.

“Edinburgh (4/5) and Newcastle evens are the most likely destinations for a sprinkling of the white stuff.”

Elsewhere, the weather is likely to stay wet and windy for large areas of Wales and England, before gradually turning brighter.

Here, temperatures will range between four and 10 degrees throughout the day.

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