Met Office weather forecast: UK to be scorched by another sizzling summer heatwave in DAYS

Met Office: Weather forecast for UK on Monday

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For the first time in recorded history, UK temperatures broke the 40C barrier on July 19. A staggering 40.3C was hit at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, and a further 33 spots across the UK surpassed the previous highest temperature of 38.7C.

But heatwave status could make a return to the UK this week, according to Met Office meteorologist, Alex Burkill.

He warned temperatures “are going to rise” once again as the week wears on, with the UK facing yet another “hot spell”.

But, to the relief of many Britons, he said the coming heatwave will not be “as extreme” as the record-smashing temperatures of last week.

He told The Times: “Temperatures are going to rise as we go through the end of this week and this coming weekend.

“A heatwave at the end of this week or this coming weekend is certainly possible but how hot it is going to get we cannot say with any confidence.

“While it is going to be a hot spell, it is not going to be as extreme as what has already happened last week.”

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, painted a similar picture, telling there “is going to be another period of warm weather this week, but nothing like we saw at the beginning of last week”.

He added: “Instead, we are expecting bouts of pleasant summer weather with temperatures lifting into the 20Cs, albeit still above average for the time of year.

“The warmer weather will be in the south, the further north you go, the cooler and wetter it will be.”

The Met Office also revealed last week that new provisional record temperatures were set for Wales and Scotland, as well as England.

A temperature of 37.1C was registered on July 18 at Hawarden Airport, close to the north-west Welsh border with England, and 35.C was recorded at Floors Castle, on Scotland’s southern border on July 19.

The Met Office described the unprecedented temperatures as a “much more widespread and significant head than previous noteworthy extreme heat events”.

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The meteorological service’s Mike Kendon described how it is incredibly unusual for maximum temperature records to be broken by such a margin.

He said: “Temperatures on 18 July were exceptional but they moved 2 to 4°C higher on 19 July, making this date unprecedented in the context of long term climate records.

“What’s particularly notable is how much more widespread the heat was from this event than the previous two occurrences of temperatures in excess of 38°C in the UK.

“Temperature records tend to get broken by modest amounts and by just a few stations, but the recent heat broke the national record by 1.6°C and across an extensive area of the country from Kent to North Yorkshire and from Suffolk to Warwickshire.

“Even when you factor in the temperatures seen in summer 1976, they didn’t reach anywhere near the levels seen this week, although that was a much more prolonged spell of hot and dry weather.”

Heading into next month, “hot spells” will likely still very much feature in the forecast, according to Mr Burkill.

He added: “Through August it looks like the weather is going to be fairly standard, there will be some spells of unsettled weather but there will also be some more settled and hot spells.”

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