Mia Khalifa cant cope as her adorable dog is destroying her clothes

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Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa is having trouble with her mischievous pup after it left muddy paw prints on her white joggers.

The OnlyFans creator took to Instagram, sharing a clip of the mess, while the culprit sat next to her on the couch, ready for some strokes.

The small brown dog with curly fur looked up at her with pleading eyes as she filmed the damage.

Mia asked other dog owners: "How do people with dogs own anything white or have white furniture????"

But despite her struggle with her pet's muddy paws, she has previously admitted that the brown pup is the favourite of the three dogs she owns.

In other clips shared with her 26.7 million Instagram followers in December, Mia can be seen cuddling the small dog, holding its tiny paws up to the camera as she talks to it in a high-pitched voice.

The former adult actress then followed that Instagram story with another, panning the camera to show her other two dogs relaxing on the far side of the sofa.

She captioned the second post: "I feel guilty for having a favourite and not giving them air time."

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She then pans back from the two blonde dogs and says: "Honourable mention."

However, in a third clip, Mia reaffirms that the small brown puppy is her favourite.

Whilst still snuggling the dog, she holds her middle finger up to the camera and writes: "Shut up, you'd have a favourite too if it looked like this."

She also shared a teddy bear emoji on the post, referring to her favourite puppy's fluffy light-brown locks.

In December 2020, after Mia Khalifa was caught picking up dog poo with a facemask.

In the TikTok clip, captured by American producer and songwriter Benny Blanco @itsbennyblanco, Mia walks her dog along a suburban street in broad daylight.

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All of a sudden, she removes her face mask bends down to pick up her dog's mess and tosses it into a nearby bin.

Horrifyingly, she doesn't get rid of the mask – instead, she straps the face-covering back onto her mouth and nose.

The video, captioned "I just saw @miakhalifa put poop on her face", gained over 7.3 million views and even got attention from Mia herself.

She reacted to the incident by saying "at least I'm not an anti-masker".

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