Mia Khalifa doubles down on claim Lego Batman is cuter than Ben Afflecks

Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa has doubled down on a claim that the Lego Batman is "cuter" than Ben Affleck's incarnation of the Marvel hero.

Back in March, the OnlyFans star tweeted that the plastic version was better, saying: "Lego Batman > Affleck Batman."

After an argument about whether Batman should have a gun, Khalifa told a Twitter user "maybe you should try Lego Batman if this is too difficult to grasp."

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Then one follower accused her of "moving the goalposts" as he dug up a March tweet where she said Lego Batman was better than the cinematic version.

She took it well, writing: "LMAOOO I stand by this tweet. Lego Batman significantly cuter than Affleck Batman."

Mia's recent Twitter postings pale in comparison to those of days gone by, where she has been crypticly posting about her ex, Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez.

The 29-year-old recently posted a message about "God's toughest battles" while on the solo trip to New York.

The OnlyFans star shared a post from luxury restaurant Atera NYC, showing her gorging on gourmet food and wine, and posing in the hallway of the swanky establishment.

"'God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers'", she wrote, before adding "and the battle is serving looks on solo trips with only a self timer".

She and Cortez had been in a seemingly loved-up relationship for the best part of a year, but the couple reportedly split earlier this month.

And Khalifa has since posted a slew of cryptic tweets and videos seemingly taking digs at her musician ex.

The star took to Twitter on August 19, sharing a picture of a white door with a plaque that read "manipulation room".

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The tweet was captioned: “Men be like ‘I know a place’ and take you here.”

She similarly tweeted just days prior: "The most embarrassing thing in the world to be right now is a girlfriend, praying for y’all."

And in a video that garnered nearly 100,000 likes, she added: "When you been emotionally mature through the whole relationship but you didn't escape a civil war to raise someone else's grown son."


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