Mia Khalifa opens up on ISIS death threats and life in the adult film industry

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Ex-PornHub star Mia Khalifa has opened up on the period of her life shortly after an adult film of her wearing a hijab went viral, which led to her receiving death threats from the Islamic State.

The scene immediately went viral and Mia, then 24, received a torrent of online abuse that ultimately led to her quitting the industry three months later.

Mia told Call Her Daddy podcast host Alexandra Cooper the scene is the "one thing" she usually doesn't let people ask her about, but admitted that it is time to face it "head on."

Alex goes into the interview with Mia stating the star is likely "tired" of talking about the "event" but asks her who she was the minute it went hijab clip went viral.

Alex asks Mia: "Everyone that is listening, you may or may not know about that event and we’re not here to talk about the event, but after this porn scene goes viral, who was that girl the minute that goes viral?

"To have the most isolating feeling, you’re alone, you have people sending you death threats and your family at the time not supporting you, how did you get here today? A lot of people wouldn’t have been able to get through that."

Mia says the scene happened around the time she started "disassociating" and "compartmentalising" from herself and "pretending like things never happened."

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She even said she "went quiet" and didn’t speak openly about porn for three whole years after the clip was released.

The OnlyFans star said: "So, I don’t know where I was because that is around the time I started disassociating and just compartmentalising and pretending like things never happened to the point where I didn’t talk about porn for the first like three years after, I just went quiet and never spoke about it.

"Overtime I did an interview that was the one thing they were not allowed to ask me about, I refused to acknowledge that I did it and it wasn’t until therapy that I realised how detrimental that is. "

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Mia acknowledges that she knows she can’t just "scooch things under the rug" and "hope they go away" anymore, and added that she didn’t want to talk about it because she didn’t "want to bring attention to it."

The adult actress also said the whole thing was misinterpreted and it was the "elephant in the room everywhere" she went, including in job interviews.

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She told Alex: "I can’t just scooch things under the rug and hope that they go away and hope that they go away, that’s not how that works, you have to face them head on and talk about them.

"It’s that feeling of I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t want to bring attention to it but I need to talk about it because I need to explain myself because everyone is misinterpreting the whole thing, it’s that catch 22 of not wanting to bring it up but needing to bring it up because it’s the elephant in the room everywhere you go."

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Alexandra went on to ask Mia what it was like as a young woman who received death threats, felt alone and wasn't supported by her parents.

The star said the whole world though she was living it up but actually she lived in a "cockroach infested" apartment and it was the "worst time" of her entire life.

She said: "It was disgusting, it was so bad, it was cockroach infested, it was the worst time of my entire life.

"I have 2m followers on Instagram, everyone thought I was living it up, that was not the case."

Mia added that she made virtually no money from the video, despite it going viral, and people thought she was lying about how much money she had.

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