Michael Jackson impersonator puts elderly tourist in chokehold after being hit

A Michael Jackson impersonator was spotted taking down a man in a chokehold on the streets of Las Vegas in a bizarre video.

The heated confrontation happened on Freemont Street, one of the most popular gambling streets in the tourist city of Nevada, on January 15.

A viral video shared by podcaster Marcus Deegan shows the Moonwalker putting his hands up in defence against an older man in a green T-shirt, which bears the slogan: "can't fix stupid".

The grey-haired tourist throws several punches at Santana Jackson, the MJ impersonator, before they both get tangled and fall on the ground.

Santana quickly gets up and wraps his arm around the man's neck while the pensioner pulls his hair to restrain his movements in return.

A woman can be heard yelling "help" and a few men come to break up the pair, saying: "Hey, let go!"

Santana told TMZ: "I was out there performing. I was doing a song and dancing on the Smooth Criminal song and this guy walked over to me.

"I thought he was trying to give me a compliment but he hit me in the face. He hit me right in the face and that's when the video, someone started recording after they saw him hit me.

"Then the fight broke off. I was trying to talk to him and said 'hey I'm not trying to hurt you'. That's why I had my hands up but he's still swinging at me.

"So at this point I have to take him down – I knew something was wrong with him but I don't want to hurt this guy.

"I didn't punch him and just thinking I could put him to sleep so I could get away from it."

He also mentioned that the police arrived the scene when the bystanders separated them but the man turned around and punched the officers.

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The man was arrested and taken to the police station, he added.

Santana explained that he acquired the combat skills through training for the Future Stars of Wrestling.

"After the scuffle, I went back back out and started performing until like 5am in the morning," he added.

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