Mike’s Monday Outlook: Warmer weather in April finally showing up for Winnipeg

Finally! We’re starting to experience some warmer weather in Winnipeg this chilly April.

Through April 26 in Winnipeg, the daily mean average temperature was 4 degrees Celsius below normal for the month. According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the daily mean average temperature typically averages out to 4.4 C and in this month, Winnipeg’s daily mean temperature sits at 0.4 C.

This week will see temperatures stay close to normal or above normal. We’ll also get some more rain and maybe some more thunderstorm activity.

Monday’s warm and sunny conditions will be followed up with a cloudy day and some precipitation. There is also the risk of some thunderstorm activity.

Without thunderstorm activity, precipitation amounts will be quite light but with thunderstorms, there is the chance of heavy downpours.

Behind this low pressure system, the sky will clear for Wednesday. It won’t be the warmest day but the heat will peak for us on Thursday, with high pressure settled into the south. Thursday could be the first time Winnipeg hits 20C this year.

The end of the week will likely wrap up with some rainy and windy conditions on Friday, potentially into Friday night. Friday will be rainier than Tuesday.

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