Millionaire fathered child with married RHOC star who told hubby baby was his

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A former millionaire who now lives in a caravan with only £100 in his bank account fathered a child with a married Real Housewives of Cheshire star – who told her husband the child was his.

Rob Lloyd, 57, was once one of the richest men in Wales, with an annual salary of around £350,000 and worth a reported £37million.

He spent £6million on creating a racing yard and another £2million on horses, not to mention buying up a couple of farms, too, and he even starred in Channel 4's hit show The Secret Millionaire in 2009.

He was also on ITVBe reality show Real Housewives of Cheshire and was embroiled in a 'faking' row when it was revealed that his partner, Ester Dee, was married to a different millionaire, John Temple, who she kept secret from producers whilst on the show.

Ester, who is in her mid-thirties, has a toddler called Bertie who is Rob's child, though she told then-husband, John, the child was his.

The former au pair claimed to be engaged to Lloyd and living with him in a ­Georgian mansion but the night before her first appearance on the show in 2017, John spoke to The Sun, rubbishing her story.

He revealed: “Ester was finally caught out when she rang me from Dubai to ask for money for a ring. It was £5,000, and I said, ‘Get it, sweetheart.’

“But someone overheard her, and asked who she had been speaking to. She admitted, ‘That was my husband.’

“When she got home, she came to see me and admitted she had been filming the show for months.

“She said she had known Rob since 2012, and that our daughter was actually his. His name had even been secretly listed on her birth certificate.

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“I’ve made a lot of money out of being good in a crisis. But something like this is not a normal crisis.”

In 2020, Rob said he "regrets appearing on the show with his ex-partner."

Calling the situation “farcical” Rob said he was focusing on their daughter Bertie.

He said: “She was with me and married to someone else. I’m so angry with this situation, it’s farcical.

“Out of this has come a beautiful little girl but the way I’ve been treated is terrible.

“I found out that she was married the day after my daughter’s wedding in September last year and it came as a complete surprise. I didn’t even know she was married.

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“As far as I’m concerned going on the programme has not done me any good.”

Property developer Rob has had his share of ups and downs, having lost his £36m fortune when the recession hit in 2010, but has since made a comeback.

He said: “We got together when I was on my b***side. It wasn’t as if she was after my money at the time so I’ve got to give credit where it’s due.”

At the end of the series Ester revealed that she split from Rob and had moved out of their Macclesfield home and was on a “trial period” with her actual husband. in 2018 it was announced she and John were divorcing.

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