Miracle as grandmother, 90, recovers from coronavirus after suffering stroke

A great-great-grandmother who contracted coronavirus while recovering from a stroke has defied all odds and beaten the deadly virus.

Geneva Wood, 90, came down with a fever in February while recovering from a stroke at Life Care in Kirkland, Washington.

The nursing home quickly became at the heart of the state coronavirus outbreak and Wood’s family immediately panicked.

While in isolation, Geneva told daughter Cami Neidigh, she would fight the virus, which has killed 323 people in the United States.

Having just beaten the odds to regain the ability to walk, talk and use her arm, chances were slim, as coronavirus is particularly dangerous to those with underlying conditions and over the age of 70.

Geneva, described as a "bat out of hell" by her family, quickly took a turn for the worse as her lungs filled up with liquid.

Cami Neidigh told Seattle Refined all four of Geneva’s children were called to the hospital to say goodbye as they believed she would die.

She said: "It was a gift, and at the same time, cruel.

"We could touch her hand, rub her arm through the gloves, no hugging.

"She wanted to tell each of us goodbye, tell us how proud she was of us."

Miraculously, after she said her goodbyes, Geneva began to improve, and finally tested negative for coronavirus on March 17.

She is now fully off of an oxygen tank and her only ailments are are a stuffy nose and a cough.

Cami said: “When she had that major stroke, we thought we were going to lose her.

“She’s come close to death and she rallies back, and that’s my mom.

“Getting this virus is not necessary a death sentence for the elderly or anybody."

“Be more afraid of spreading it.”

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