Mischievous monkey escapes zoo enclosure before trying to hide in tree

A monkey has been filmed making a bid for freedom after escaping its zoo enclosure.

The crafty Sulawesi-encrusted macaque managed to leave its compound at Dublin Zoo in Ireland yesterday.

The rare animal was filmed sitting at the top of a tree in the zoo's grounds at about 5.30pm, leading to police being alerted.

Garda officers looked on as it was coaxed down from the branches, DublinLive reported.

The added that they believed the exotic monkey had not ventured out of the zoo complex.

Musician Eadaoin, who was one of the first witnesses, said: "I was just on a walk at Phoenix Park and I go for a coffee and walk every day. That's the direction I go in.

"Just near the tea rooms there, I saw the guards and the van and people just started gathering there.

"Obviously, you'd think it’s an accident at first and then we saw the monkey in the tree.

"It was so nice for once because everyone was having fun rather than an accident or something."

A Dublin Zoo spokesperson confirmed the macaque was safely retrieved.

"Dublin Zoo can confirm a Sulawesi-crested macaque temporarily moved from its habitat on the evening of 26th February 2021 and was returned a short time later," they said. "The animal remained on the grounds of Dublin Zoo at all times."

Among Ireland's top tourist attractions, the Dublin Zoo and is one of the most respected – and oldest – in the world.

Dating back to 1831, it houses more than 400 animals, including many rare and endangered species.

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