Missing 8ft snakes owner furious over ignorant prank calls and time-wasters

A mum hunting her kids' missing 8ft boa constrictor has hit back at yobs reporting fake sightings.

The snake named Gretel escaped her vivarium and possibly out an open window in Newarthill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Kayla Strachan's appeal for help in tracking down the family's escaped snake has been shared on Facebook nearly 2,000 times which she admitted was "putting the fear of God" into half of her town.

As if trying to locate her pet was not stressful enough, Kayla says she is now having to deal with idiots prank calling her on the number she provided.

She posted on Tuesday night: "Some people seem to be finding this hilarious prank phone calls etc, fake sightings etc.

"How would you feel if your family pet went missing your little dog or cat, this is my children's pet stop being so bloody ignorant"

A supporting pal commented on her status: "As much as the thought of it freaks me out, it's your pet and the kids' pet and I honestly wouldn't wish harm on anything. People doing this are just a***holes Kayla. Hope you manage to get her soon xxx."

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Kayla was answering hoax calls just hours after penning her online plea for neighbours to keep an eye out for the snake, GlasgowLive reports.

She said: "Hating the fact I'm having to post this, but one of our boas have managed to get out of her viv and the room window has been open we've hunted high and low and can't find her she isn't hard to miss as she's around 7-8ft.

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"We're hoping she's just found an amazing hiding place in the house.

"Just to add she's so gentle and has never but any of us I know I'm putting the fear of God into half of Newarthill with this post.

"I'm so sorry please share."

Dozens of people shared with Kayla their best wishes that she is swiftly reunited with the reptile, despite a few admitting they do not want to be the ones who find the snake.

Someone commented: "I'm glad I'm in a different country."

Another wrote: "Kayla you have me terrified especially is she’s due fed omg."

"Please let me know when she’s back am flapping xx I’ll be up all night x," a third added.

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