Model, 24, falls 60ft to death at hotel after being seen staggering on CCTV

Chilling footage has emerged showing the moments before a Russian model plunged 60ft to her death from her fifth-floor balcony.

Sofia Olifrenko, 24, was found dead on the ground floor of a hotel in the Şişli district of Istanbul in Turkey on July 18.

A Turkish man, who is named as F.K by the local media, was taken into custody after police re-watched CCTV to see him arriving the hotel with Sofia.

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The security camera footage released by the police shows the young woman staggering down an alley and holding onto a wall for support from time to time.

F.K said in his police statement: "I don't know the woman's name, we met on the street.

"She was crying. I took her to her hotel room."

He also claimed that she appeared to be very drunk and could barely walk.

According to local media, Sofia had checked in the hotel under a false name of "Alexandra V".

There's been speculation over the cause of her death as investigators were looking into whether she fell or was pushed.

Records showed Sofia had married a Romanian man, Istvan Sarkozy, who is working as a male model, in February.

Istvan told how his wife had arrived in Istanbul on May 9 for modelling work, but he had lost all contact with her three days before her death.

Turkish media reported Sofia had mental health issues and was using antidepressants.

But Istvan denied this, claiming that she did not use drugs or alcohol during the time they were together.

He said: "She was a wonderful person, full of life and always smiling."

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After travelling to Istanbul to identify Sofia's body at the morgue, he returned home to Oradea in Romania, "with a great pain in my soul".

At the time of reporting, Sofia's body was due to be repatriated to Russia at her family's request.


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