Model arrested for flashing bum in front of cathedral says she went too far

An Instagram star has been put under house arrest after causing a public offence for flashing her bum outside an Orthodox Cathedral.

Ira Volkova, 30, apologised in court for her racy performance outside St Isaac's Orthodox Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The video, which occurred during the summer but has since re-emerged, shows the model sitting outside the church folding her legs under her thighs.

She turns around to look at the camera and lifts up her skirts to expose her derrière, showing two tattoos – a red chilli and a pig with a Nike sign on it.

The video has led to her being placed under house arrest and she was accused of "humiliating and insulting the religious feelings of believers".

Volkova could now face up to a year in prison.

The case came two weeks after an OnlyFans model flashed her breasts in front of the world-famous St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.

Volkova was initially detained and was brought before a judge in handcuffs from a detention centre.

A video shows her in a court cage telling the judge in St Petersburg she had gone "too far".

She said: "I apologise for these images and offending the feelings of people of faith.

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"I went too far as an Instagrammer. Taking pictures without a thought…Everything will be deleted and I will not do this again."

It comes after another couple sparked outrage after pretending to have oral sex in front of St Basil's Cathedral.

Ruslani Murodzhonzoda, 23 — a Tajik national also known as Ruslan Bobiyev – and Anastasia Chistova, 19, had both apologised for their lewd stunt posted on Instagram, but were shown no mercy by the judge.

They were imprisoned under a new law which found them guilty of offending the feelings of religious people.

In a statement issued by the court, the couple "committed public actions expressing clear disrespect for society".

While Murodzhonzoda is to be deported after serving his sentence, Chistova said she was feeling hurt, adding: "Now I realise the price of such popularity.

"And I have to answer to the fullest extent of the law with my freedom, public condemnation, the disapproval of my parents and people close to me."

Russia toughened its laws after the arrests in a Moscow cathedral of Pussy Riot performers protesting against Putin in 2012.

Human rights group Memorial claimed the number of political prisoners in Russia had risen to 420 from 362 last year, suggesting a trend back to Soviet-era repression.

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