Model ditches FHM for coach driving – before being told she’s ‘too good looking’

Cruel trolls called a coach driver a “slapper” and told her she was “too pretty” to do her job.

Faye Louise, from Horsham, West Sussex, ditched her old modelling career for buses after an ex-boyfriend gave her an ultimatum.

The 36-year-old had previously appeared in lads mags like Nuts, Zoo and FHM, and was an extra in the reality TV programme The Only Way Is Essex.

Faye told the Daily Mirror: "An ex-boyfriend told me it was my modelling career or him so I chose him," she said.

"I always enjoyed driving and I loved the thought of seeing more of Europe especially Italy so being a coach driver is my dream job.

"But when I started a lot of the drivers, who were all male, were hostile towards me.

"I was called a slapper because of my modelling past and was also accused of doing my job as some sort of publicity stunt.

"Some men refused to believe I had got the job because of my ability and not my looks.”

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Faye trained for three months to get qualified, but other drivers still refused to take her seriously.

In addition to driving long distances, another requirement of Faye's job is to keep her coach clean and tidy – means she has to wash her vehicle by hand herself.

"People said I wouldn't want to wash my coach as I'll break my nail or I was too pretty for dirty work," she added.

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"I wash my coach by hand and I have to keep the inside of the coach clean which I am happy to do but the sexism is just ridiculous."

However, being a female coach driver does have some perks.

Faye said: "I'm often invited by passengers to spend the day with them.

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"I've walked around lots of scenic towns and places with parties and was even invited to spend a day at the races after someone from a party dropped out and there was a free ticket which also included a three-course meal.

"Coach drivers usually sit in their vehicles for hours while they wait for a trip to be over.

"I bring a book and my lunch to waste away the time so it's nice when I'm invited to join my passengers instead.

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"That rarely happens for male coach drivers but I seem to get invited a lot and I think it is because I am a woman."

Due to the pandemic, Faye has been furloughed since last March but she hopes when she gets back behind the wheel other women will do the same.

She continued: "I think women are too scared to step into this industry these days as it's a man world but we need to change that and I hope more women come on board.

"People do step back when they see I am the driver but I am just as good as my male colleagues and I am often told I am better than them."

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