Moment huge python eats unlucky tabby cat head-first on Singapore street

A python was filmed eating a cat whole after the unfortunate moggy had a fatal run-in with the giant snake.

In the video, the python dislocates its jaw so it can wrap its mouth around the head of the tabby cat and swallow it, inch by inch.

The snake slowly unravels its tail from around the cat’s body – which has been constricted by the snake's strong muscles – to show it has managed to swallow the cat's head.

A man prods the snake with a stick until the reptile drags the motionless feline under a parked car to eat the four-legged snack in peace and quiet.

The incident was filmed on the island city-state of Singapore on Sunday, August 30, and the footage has since been widely shared on social media.

In such situations, the snakes are usually caught and later released into the wild in an undisclosed location, according to local news site Mothership.

In this incident, it appears that the snake catchers were not around and it is unclear if they had been called.

Snakes eating cats is not uncommon in Singapore.

Two weeks ago, a fat ginger feline nicknamed Garfield was eaten by a python.

Reticulated pythons, native to Singapore, have adapted well to urban areas and also munch on other small animals such as rodents.

The snakes are well-camouflaged ambush hunters and lie in wait until their prey walks in their path.

Pythons use their incredible strength to tightly wrap around prey animals and scientists think victims either die by restricted blood flow, leading to a cardiac arrest, or because the diaphragm is constricted and so the lungs cannot inflate with oxygen.

A spokesperson for the wildlife rescue group Acres said: "We feel sorry for the loss of the beloved cat.

"It is unfortunate, but these are some of the risks community animals will face in our urban landscape.

"They are all animals trying to survive."

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