Moment school bus driver drags girl by backpack after she got trapped in doors

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Distressing footage shows a bus driver dragging a six-year-old girl by her rucksack after it got caught in the doors when she was stepping off.

The youngster was left with PTSD and nerve damage after lawyers claim she was dragged along the road for more than 1,000 feet, WAVE 3 News reports.

In the clip, the little girl is in the middle of leaving the bus in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in the US when the doors suddenly close on her bag.

She has no choice but to try and run to keep up with the bus when, moments later, the driver continues down the road.

The poor girl loses her footing as the bus speeds up and is then dragged along, while another motorist honks their horn to try and alert the driver.

"Oh my God, Oh my God," the driver says when she finally notices.

She pulls over and immediately opens the doors and runs over to the stricken child who appears to be motionless on the ground.

The driver, Melinda Sanders, was fired by the district after a probe found she failed to watch the child get off the bus despite it being a requirement from her training.

Although the clip was recorded five years ago, when the child was attending Wilkerson Traditional Elementary School, it was released now ahead of a civil trial against the driver and the school district.

It is thought the trial will show the CCTV footage from inside the bus.

The young girl, identified as AR in the lawsuit, had multiple surgeries for her injuries and the family is asking for an undisclosed amount in damages.

Last year, a tragic head-on crash between a school bus and a truck resulted in horrific injuries in New Windsor, Orange County.

The driver, 74-year-old Andy Sanchez, died but the trapped children were rescued from the wreck by firefighters and survived.

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