Moment thief strangles tourist in violent mugging in Malaga

Shocking moment thief strangles tourist unconscious in Malaga

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The moment a woman is attacked by muggers and choked to the point of consciousness has been caught on CCTV. Police have now released the footage in the hope of tracking down the attackers, who struck in the early hours of November 19.

Footage from a nearby hotel’s video surveillance system shows a man approaching the woman from behind before putting her in a rear choke hold.

The victim, a woman visiting Malaga from Germany, tries to use her hands to free herself from the attacker, but after a few seconds faints and loses consciousness.

The video shows the victim slumping to the floor after she blacks out.

The attacker can be seen putting her on her back and going through her pockets. A woman then arrives and appears to act as a lookout.

After a few seconds she turns around, apparently to warn the mugger their time is up. 

The victim appears to start coming round just before workers from the nearby hotel storm onto the scene. 

Hotel workers who saw what was happening on the CCTV ran out to help the woman and chase the pair away.

The three hotel workers stand over the woman until she regains consciousness.

The attack took place in the early hours of November 19 outside a city centre hotel.

Spanish police arrested a woman now and are now hunting the remaining culprit. 

They took her back to the hotel to recover and alerted the National Police.

The choke hold used by the attackers is known in Spanish as the ‘mataleon’, or ‘lion killer’, and is a widespread and very dangerous method of attack. 

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It is deployed by grabbing the victim from behind, placing a forearm on one side of the neck and the biceps on the other.

This stops the flow of the blood to the brain and causes the victim to faint.

Last month, tourists were attacked using the same method in Valencia. 

The tourists were attacked by two men who, after choking them, stole their waist packs.

Another man had also been attacked by the same men earlier in the day and had his mobile phone and €250 stolen.

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