Monster 20ft python weighing 170lbs tracked down after devouring goat whole

A huge snake the length of three tall men was captured in Malaysia after it swallowed a goat whole.

The giant beast was found inside a goat pen with its belly full by authorities.

According to local news outlet Berita Harian, the owner was unable to find one of his goats, and the bulge in the snake's stomach was then attributed to the beast having swallowed the animal.

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The reticulated python was captured on film being tranquilised and moved by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department in the State of Johor, just north of Singapore, after they were notified of the incident at 7.21am local time on Wednesday (September 28).

A spokesperson said: “Upon reaching the destination, we found a six metre snake inside the goat pen.

“The breeder claimed that one of his female goats was missing and was believed to have been swallowed by the snake.

“Bomba Fire and Rescue staff then proceeded to catch the snake before re-releasing it in an area far away from the public."

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Seven men were required to carry the snake, before releasing the beast far from human settlements later that day.

The spokesperson also said this was the first time the Fire and Rescue Department had received a complaint like this.

The reticulated python is one of the longest snakes found anywhere in the world.

The longest ever recorded spanned more than 32ft (9.7m), although typically they are closer to 20ft in length.

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The animals are native to southeast Asia and are very adaptable to different environments – although they are usually found in woodlands, grasslands, and rain forests.

Reticulated pythons are carnivores and mostly eat birds and mammals – and it is not uncommon for them to eat large animals including deer, pigs, or goats.

The reticulated python is a constrictor and therefore non-venomous, instead suffocating its prey to death.

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Attacks on humans are not common but do happen.

Over the years there have been plenty of reports of people being eaten by the reptiles, including a woman in Indonesia whose body was discovered inside a snake measuring an eye-watering 23 ft.

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