Most generous Euromillions winner kept major promise after £105 million win

Most people could only dream of winning the lottery, with thoughts on lavish holidays, splurging on shopping sprees and some overriding in greed – but one lotto winner has managed to stay grounded and instantly offered to help others after his big win.

EuroMillions winner Steve Thomson, 43, said he was on the verge of “having a heart attack” after he scooped a whopping £105million jackpot in 2019.

But despite his shock, the dad-of-three from Selsey, West Sussex, continued to budget and donated thousands to charity.

Steve, who is married to his wife Lenka, 42, remained modest and purchased a second-hand VW van for himself and a Volvo XC90 for his wife – nine months after the big win.

The builder prioritised his winnings to making a difference to his local community and even offered to do handy work for free for his friends and family at Christmas.

It was previously reported that he planned to give his friend Neil £4million, but his pal has not speculated on any cash that might have come his way.

“Steve’s a mega jackpot winner but first and foremost he’s a loyal builder,” a local resident previously told the Sun.

“He could be sitting on a sun-kissed beach sipping champers but instead, he’s still at work like the rest of us.”

He generously handed £100,000 to his cricket club, donated £50,000 to Selsey Medical Centre to fund new equipment and gave another £50,000 to his two son’s school.

"The thought of sitting around doing nothing. I can't do that, I'm not that sort of person,” he said at the time.

"At the end of the day I'm still Steve – and she is still Lena – that is not going to change. We're just better off financially".

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And after all these years, his family have only just treated themselves by moving into a new luxurious home – where his sons each have their own bedroom, according to the Sun.

The lotto winner, who continued to live in his £150,000 terrace house for more than a year after his big win, is now living on a multi-million countryside estate.

He recently purchased a £4.5million estate in Kent, which spreads across 14.5 acres and features a swimming pool, party barn and tennis court.

The 7,000 sq ft farmhouse also features two kitchens, six bedrooms, five reception rooms and a games room – as well as two lakes, a pond, landscaped gardens and stables.

It has been reported that Steve is now neighbours with a number of rock stars and Hollywood actors but despite the competition, he still plans to renovate the estate himself.

"It feels like yesterday we were in our old lives — it will take a little while to adjust," he said.

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“We are very lucky to be in this place but there’s a lot of work that needs doing, so I’ll be focusing on that for the time being.”

It is unclear whether the family will build anything on their new estate.

Thompson, who met his wife former shop worker wife Lenka in 2002, seems to so far have broken the “lottery curse” which sees couple’s split after being handed life-changing amounts.

Winners Colin and Christine Weir took home a huge £161million EuroMillions jackpot but burned through the fortune at a rate of almost £100,000 a week.

They put an end to their 38-year-old marriage after their winnings saw them drift apart.

A statement issued on behalf of the couple in April 2019 said: “They are applying for divorce amicably.”

Colin sadly died in 2019 at the age of 71.

In October 2005, Roger Griffiths and his wife Lara won a staggering £1.83 million on the National Lottery.

It was reported that the housing crash massively affected the couple's investment properties and took a toll on their 14-year-old marriage.

Former postman Adrian Bayford won £148 million on the EuroMillions but just 15 months after the win, his wife Gillian, 46, divorced him.

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