Mountain lions snatch 15 dogs from town sparking fears beasts will target kids

Ravenous mountain lions have sparked panic in a town after running off with around 15 dogs over the last six months.

Peter James from Nederland in Colorado, US, says the local community is suffering an increase in wild animals feasting on unattended pets.

The resident claims lion strikes are becoming more frequent as the beasts get bolder and braver venturing into human settlements, Daily Camera reports.

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It is not just small dogs being targeted either, with huge breeds such as a Doberman and a Great Pyrenees, both being recorded swiped on a Facebook group.

A woman's Australian shepherd dog is the latest pooch to have been taken for a meal after being swiped from her porch in Rollinsville on Monday.

Peter said: “It’s gotten sort of out of hand and it needs to be addressed. It kind of feels like, is the community responsible for maintaining this kind of safety?”

Mountain lion strikes have been logged on a wildlife tracker designed by a Nederland resident.

Just three weeks ago, around 50 people sat in on a lecture on mountain lion safety delivered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife at the Nederland Community Center, with over 70 tuning in remotely.

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Naturally parents fear it will not be long before children half the size of these stolen dogs, will be targeted.

James continued: "This lion is now coming up on decks, taking dogs that are 100 pounds, and we’re worried about a little kid who weighs maybe 40 pounds."

The sudden rise in attacks has been confirmed by the executive director of Wild Bear Nature Center in Nederland, Jill Dreves.

She said: “There is an increase. It’s not made up. There’s a big increase in dogs getting taken by mountain lions.

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“I think the most important thing is to understand that we are sharing a habitat with the mountain lions, bears, moose and all the other wildlife."

Kristin Cannon, deputy regional manager for CPW, said mountain lion trends suggest that ever three to five years they will strike the same area again and again for easy targets.

As temperatures plummet, rampaging Nederland for dogs could be part of the lions' plans to hunker down over the winter.

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Kristin said: “If a lion’s out in the freezing cold landscape and the dog is the only other thing outside, it’s more likely to go after a dog than what it’s used to, like racoons or deer.

“[Dogs] look a lot closer to a lion’s natural prey source than humans do,” she said. “Mountain lions are pretty good at staying away from people.”

She added that mountain lion attacks on people are very rare.


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