Mr Motivator mobbed for 90 minutes by fans in struggle to leave festival stage

Mr Motivator is readying Brits for festivals which he cannot go without being swarmed in carnage lasting as long as a football match.

Brits are set to splash out a combined £8.3 billion on entertainment this summer, which calls for a hilarious workout routine made for camping music-lovers.

Veteran health coach Derrick Evans – better known as Mr Motivator – is urging festival goers to tone up for the return of wild weekends, which he admits to being too adored to enjoy as a fan.

After decades of getting the public in the mood to lead healthier lifestyles, the 68-year-old says he is fitter and more popular than ever.

All this fame however comes at a cost which and Mr Motivator is finding that out to be an hour-and-a-half of his time posing for photos whenever he finishes a set.

Mr Motivator does however have a summer booked up at festivals performing on stage which – if previous experiences are anything to go by – could take him a while to leave.

He told the Daily Star: "Unfortunately I can never go to a festival just to enjoy it because I don’t get left alone, people are non stop and I can’t say no, some people can say no but I can’t do it.

"Sometimes I finish my set and I’m there for an hour and a half afterwards doing pictures and stuff, I can’t say no."

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New research from Barclaycard Entertainment found Brits who have been starved of live music over the past 15 months, will fork out billions over the next couple of months making up for lost time.

"We're spending loads of money on the event itself but the one thing we've learnt is people have got to get fit for going out there, they've got to get fit for being festival ready," Mr Motivator said.

Almost half of those polled in the study fear they’ve forgotten how it feels to be in a big crowd and a third worry that after months of lockdown, they can no longer dance.

Chances are that it will not just be dancing that revellers will be found to be out of practice.

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Festivals may be a place for letting your hair down and escaping reality for a few days but they can still be hard going, Mr Motivator says.

He adds it is not too late to get some training in so our bodies are equipped with the challenges of camping and crowds that belong in a comedy sketch.

Mr Motivator said: "I tried to put together a routine which replicates the exercises you’re doing at a festival.

"Let’s not forget a festival isn’t a festival unless it’s been raining and if it’s been raining it means it’s muddy.

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"And if it’s muddy we all have to tread miles in mud with wellingtons which don’t fit properly, and when you’re in the mud they’re coming off with every step you take, so the sumo walk through mud is a walk that everybody ends up doing.

"There’s loads and loads of stuff like that."

Never mind getting a summer body to look good beside a hotel pool, the Manchester based fitness guru says muscles are a must to get through a festival.

He added: "When it comes to stretches I would say tone up the muscles, get them nice and strong so if you have to carry your loved one on your shoulder you can.

"If you have to carry your shopping for miles because you know what it’s like you go to buy it from one place and you’ve got to get back to your tent.

"You’ve got to put up your tent that often gives people a lot of problem bending over and stuff like that so let’s get fit for purpose."

Daniel Mathieson, Head of Sponsorship at Barclaycard, said: "We want to help people celebrate their ‘love of live’ so are offering a number of perks, such discounts on food and drink at festivals this summer, as well as providing access to exclusive pre-sales and discounts on tickets across the rest of the year."

Mr Motivator has partnered with Barclaycard Entertainment to help Brits limber up for live entertainment this Summer. To find out more, visit

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