Mugger yelled get this f***ing dog off me as pooch bit his leg during attack

A dog rescued its owner after biting the leg of a thug during a terrifying knifepoint mugging.

The brave dog that reportedly would "normally wouldn't hurt a fly" saved its terrified owner after a thug held her down and tried to mug her with a knife.

Amy Edmondson, mum-of-one and proud owner of dog Star, was coming home from a dog walk at 11.30pm when a man and woman approached her to ask for directions.

The 30-year-old was suddenly wrestled to the ground by the man and had a knife held to her throat.

Luckily when she let go of Star's lead, the loyal dog launched at her attacker and bit his leg.

The woman reportedly was able to get free by promising to call the Staffordshire bull terrier off the attacker if he let her go.

After she was let go the two thugs ran off leaving Amy and Star shaken.

"Star 100 per cent saved my life. I just kept thinking, ‘I'm going to die, there's no way to get this bloke off me," Amy, from Southend-on-Sea, told The Mirror.

She continued: "It was actually really out of character for her. She's the most loving little dog usually, she would lick anyone to death.

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"I was gobsmacked that she did what she did – but so grateful to her. She got an extra big dinner and lots of extra cuddles that night."

She added: "We were just coming back from a dog walk, when a man and a woman approached and they were asking me where Southchurch was. I turned around and pointed in the right direction, and the man just jumped on my back, pushing me to the ground and held a knife to my throat.

"They kept saying ‘give me your money, where’s your money, we need your money’.

"I was on the floor for what felt like forever. But then I let go of my dog’s lead and she just jumped on him and started biting his leg.

"She wouldn't let go. The woman ran off at that point, and the bloke was saying, 'Get this f***ing dog off me'.

"I told him he needed to get off of me so I could get my dog off of him. After that he obviously panicked and ran away too."

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