Mum and baby ‘trapped’ in flat living on takeaways as ‘neighbours wee in lift’

A mum claims she is "trapped" in her seventh-floor flat and having to feed her baby takeaways because their "disgusting" neighbours keep peeing in the lift – and verbally abusing those who speak out.

Lauren Scott says her only viable exit was filled with "human wee" seven times during lockdown.

The 28-year-old lives on her own with 14-month-old daughter Evie Scott in the council block in Harlow, Essex.

She needs to use the lift to transport their buggy to the ground floor. The mum first spotted the suspected urine in April but claims it happened again last Monday, (October 26).

But shocking photos reportedly show yellow liquid forming a puddle on the floor, while one snap shows urine-coloured sprays across the wall.

Residents who have spoken out and put up notices begging the culprits to stop were allegedly met with scrawled responses telling them to "f**k off" and to take the stairs.

The full-time mum is urging the filthy perpetrator to stop as she "just wants to feel safe raising her daughter".

She said: "When I first noticed it I had my daughter in a buggy ready to go to the shops but I couldn't because I didn't want to roll my buggy through urine and then track that into my flat on the wheels.

"I had to feed my daughter takeaway because I wasn't able to take her in the buggy, so I had to get the delivery person to go in the lift full of urine to bring us food.

"We couldn't go food shopping and I wasn't able to go out the following morning either as it still hadn't been cleaned up.

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"Since then it's happened about seven times. I think it has to be a human because it's been up the wall in the corner as if a man is using the lift as a urinal.

"To avoid it I don’t leave the flat very often and, if I do go out, I come back to the lift filled with urine.

"I have to get my friend to come and help me carry the buggy up the stairs and sometimes I've had no option but to use the lift with urine in it.

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"Due to Covid I don’t feel comfortable taking the stairs whilst carrying my daughter as I can't hold onto the banister and I wouldn’t want to fall down the concrete stairs.

"I just want to feel safe raising my daughter. People just have no respect for others and it is so sad to see. Whatever happened to common courtesy?"

The mum says it is cleaned up the following day and has contacted the council each time it has happened. They reportedly plan to fit a camera to prevent the issue from persisting.

A spokesperson for Harlow Council said: “This issue is being taken seriously by the council and is being investigated. We were first made aware of the urine issue in October 2020.

"We are working with residents as we continue to try and identify the perpetrator.

"Security cameras are installed in many lifts around the town and we are obtaining quotes for fitting a camera in this lift."

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