Mum gutted after husband eats massive record-breaking crisp worth thousands

A health and safety worker was gutted after she discovered a gigantic Roast Chicken-flavour crisp worth 'thousands' – only for her husband to eat it.

Jemma Carter, 30, said she was enjoying a pack of Walkers when suddenly, one crisp wouldn't come out of the packet.

After carefully extracting the spuddy behemoth, a crisp the size of her hand fell into her lap.

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Jemma, a mum of four, said the crisp came in a 22-bag multipack and added: "I just thought, 'this is absolutely massive, no one will believe it's so big'."

She added: "My eldest son Robbie said, 'wow I think you've got a world record. You're going to get thousands of pounds for that'."

The crisp, which was six inches long and 3.7 inches wide, was undoubtedly a whopper and Jemma was looking forward to making a tidy sum from an as-yet-unknown purveyor of gigantic snacks.

However, before she could sell it, her husband Dan came home and ate it.

Jemma said: "Dan just ate it and said, 'yeah tastes nice'. I said, 'well that's the end of that'."

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Jemma now hopes she will be able to find a similarly large crisp in future and said: "I'm holding out for another whopper, but this time I'm going to keep quiet about it."

The world's biggest crisp is a heavily disputed field, but in 2020, a team of Walkers engineers set the official world record for the largest ever Wotsit.

'Wotzilla' took two and a half hours to make and was more than 10-metres long.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Paulina Sapinska said: "We've seen a lot of size-inspired food entries and attempts before but never have we seen anything quite like this. It's not every day you see six people having to hold up a single snack."


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