Mum horrified after ‘finding blood’ in new Peppa Pig knickers bought from Tesco

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A mum was horrified to find "blood" in a pair of Peppa Pig knickers she bought from Tesco for her daughter.

The mum from South Wales was left disgusted with her purchase after finding the stain on the pair of knickers.

Rachel Davies, 28, was buying the underwear for her daughter Melissa Kocaoz in the Upperboat store in Pontypridd when she found what she believed to be blood.

The 28-year-old's daughter was about to turn two earlier in the year so she had bought the garment but she only opened it a month ago, reports Wales Online.

Rachel said: "I think I bought them back in April. I bought them then, but I actually opened them later in August.

"It was the last one in the packet. It looked like blood. It was on the actual pantyliner bit. I was just shocked and worried."

After making the discovery, Rachel said she took them back to the store where the staff were said to be both helpful and apologetic.

She said staff refunded the money, but she hoped to hear more about what the stain actually was.

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"I returned them and they said sorry," Rachel added.

"A week or two later HQ contacted me and basically said sorry, and I said: 'Are you going to do anything because it's a big thing because it looks like blood on a two-year old's underwear'.

"I wasn't happy."

Rachel also said she was told there may be a delay in finding out what happened due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Thursday, August 27 Rachel said: "I called up this morning, and the person said she couldn't find the case.

"She said she looked three times."

A Tesco spokesman said: "We were sorry to hear about this. We received the product back from Ms Davies earlier this month and we are currently investigating what happened."

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