Mum of teen killed in work tragedy hit by sick trolls poking fun at disaster

A heartbroken mum whose son was killed by a roller in a freak workplace tragedy says her life has been made hell by sick online trolls as young as 13-years-old.

Laura McMullin was devastated after much-loved Jayden Fuller, 16, died at work on October 12 – and within hours of his death, heartless trolls had started to send her jokes and memes about her son being killed.

She has since been forced to go to cops in an attempt to get the cruel abuse to stop and has even pleaded with the internet trolls directly.

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Writing on Facebook, she warned: “I physically, mentally and emotionally cannot take any more.

“All I want at the end of the day is to feel my son’s love, my son’s memories to stay alive, his laughter in my head – not the constant memes, posts and group chats laughing about my beautiful son.”

But despite the emotional plea for the abuse to stop, it kept coming and Laura decided to take screenshots to the police.

She told 7News the ordeal left her in a “really dark place” and added: “My body is giving up. My body just cannot take anymore. Our family is purely innocent. We are purely innocent.”

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The distraught mum claimed that kids who defend her son online are also being “ambushed” by trolls and are “terrified to speak out”.

She is calling for more education about how trolling can impact the victims and says she hopes the evil trolls “truly don’t know” how much damage their actions can cause.

Workplace safety authorities are still investigating exactly how Jayden died, but it is suspected to have been an accident with a roller while working at a Gold Coast house near his home in Queensland, Australia.

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